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Organic Local Food in a unique setting and beautiful environment.

local organic hidden gem farmers market and amazing great food Haleiwa north shore Oahu hawaii
The View From The Road

I had passed this cute little barn style market and local food stop many times since moving to the North Shore. I knew I wanted to stop by so naturally I picked the worst time to finally do it. It was still worth it.

unique restaurant hidden gem local favorite farm to table organic vegan food north shore Haleiwa Oahu hawaii
View From The Car

We pulled up and parked right next to the stairs for easy access since I had all 3 babes with me, they were all tired and it was way past nap time, plus I had forgotten my magical baby soothing device. The Tula.

cute restaurant hidden gem local favorite farm to table organic best vegan food north shore Haleiwa Oahu hawaii
Oh Yeah, I love It

It didn’t matter though. When I pulled in and saw the quaint little barn, set up all trendy yet rustic I knew there was no turning back.

The little farm is right outside of the Barn and offers a true Farm to Table experience. The barn and farm sit together side by side, nestled in the mountains.

Simply put. It is Stunning.

best restaurant hidden gem local favorite farmers market organic vegan food north shore Haleiwa Oahu hawaii
Farm to Barn

Inside they offer a little farmers market with pineapple, potatoes, and other fruit and veggies. I was most impressed with largest, prettiest avocados I had ever seen. They also offer a little variety and sell a few handmade bits from local vendors.

They have cute beeswax sheets for a natural, sustainable way to keep your fruit and veggies. beeswax candles, jewelry, and even a bit of art.

farm fresh food and farmers market vegan food scenic restaurant north shore Oahu Haleiwa
The Farmers Market

The menu is small but offers a nice variety of vegan and hearty meat meals, snacks, and cold pressed juices. They also sell kombucha in a nice sortment of flavors and don’t skimp on it! Score.

With my wild and tired crew in tow I knew we wouldn’t be enjoying the view from the barn for our meal. No problem. They had little Turkish blankets perfect for a picnic on the lawn.

unique picnic lunch good eats local food Haleiwa north shore Oahu hawaii
Grab a Blanket and Have a Picnic

It was perfect for my babes. We had a nice meal at the picnic table, while my babes ate on the blanket and got to run freely.

The food was delicious.

My mom and I split the Vegan Buddha Bowl, which was white rice topped with tofu, beets, sprouts, carrots, radishes, and an array of seeds, spices, guacamole, and a tiny drizzle of a delectable sauce. The kiddos weren’t very interested in food but still devoured the 3 bread stacked Grilled Cheese.

You can’t beat fresh local food, so I am sure I will be back for more as the shrimp tacos were also calling my name and they were out of fresh cold pressed juice when we went.

best family activities and food must do local favorites great food Haleiwa north shore Oahu hawaii

They have a little assortment of outdoor sports, and toys for play also. The kids were all over the place with the frisbee, volley ball, and badminton.

farm to table food mountain views great food Haleiwa north shore Oahu hawaii

We spent about 30 minutes letting the kids get out some crazy (while driving me crazy), exploring the farm and eating a delicious little lunch of local food. It was a perfect little stop and I am glad we finally got to try the Farm to Barn Red Barn Farmstand.

unique restaurant hidden gem local favorite farm to table organic vegan food north shore Haleiwa Oahu hawaii
Red Barn Farmstand Your Amazing

Note: When we came it said it was permanently closed online. It was open and thriving though. You may wan’t to call ahead if you aren’t in the nearby vicinity to check for yourself.

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Don’t forget to tell me what you think!

Do you like little hidden gems like The Red Barn for food? I would love to know about your experience or one like it!

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