Photo Shoot Stories | Episode 4 | Spiritual Elopement | My First Wedding

A day that changed many lives.

They didn’t know it but I was a nervous wreck and throwing myself way out of my comfort zone.

Pre Elopement Make Up Prep

Me.. shoot a wedding?!!
I didn’t think I had enough talent. I wasn’t prepared and hadn’t been shooting long enough. I told myself all of this and more.

A Friends Helping Hand To Fit The Wedding Dress

But one tiny voice, way in the back kept whispering, but what if..
..what if you are good enough
..what if you can do this
..what if you don’t and you never have the chance again.

Intimate Moment of Putting on The Garter

That last if did it. I had worked with this amazing couple before and I knew if I didn’t shoot this wedding I would regret it forever.

So the day came and when I showed up my terror eased. All my attention turned outwards, to them. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of their union and all the emotions that radiated from them.

They Walked To Each Other Back to Back for to keep her Unseen Before The Ceremony. While they Prayed her dress danced along his feet, enticing him further.

They didn’t know it (they are learning it now through this post if they read it) but I was brand new to the world of photography then.

The Nervous Excitement as his Bride Walks the Aisle

I had put my trust and faith in my intense love for it and they put their trust in me. With that they gave me the courage to keep going and to push more everyday.

The Kiss

I have yet had a photoshoot that beats it. My new images may be sharper, or color toned better. My gear, skill, knowledge, and confidence has advanced exponentially.

The Tender Touches of the First Moments of Marriage

But I look back on these photos often and am always overcome with emotion.

adventure elopement oahu hawaii couples photographer

This day changed their life, and mine forever.

I now specialize in Adventure Elopements. Want to Know Why?

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