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Collaborating with other photographers is an amazing ways to grow in your photography. One of my first meet ups with other photographers was thanks to a local Photography Facebook Group. We had a wedding dress and the perfect mountain setting. It was everything I needed.

styled session with model for photography workshop and mentoring with Oahu hawaii photographer

I had just had my third baby and was itching to get out of the house. 3 babes at home and a hard last trimester had me shooting nothing but my family in my own four walls for a while. And while that was a joy in it’s own, I longed to be outside.

Then I saw a post in a FB photography group that would force me out of my shell and introduce me to an amazing new concept.

Community Over Competion

In the true spirit of collaboration, a few other photographers were getting together for a hike to crouching lion. One of the photographers offered to model, and a wedding dress was being brought. So even though I was very much an introvert, and exactly the opposite of what you would call fit, I jumped at joining in.

Photography has always had a way of pushing me through my fear and anxiety.

black and white image of woman at styled wedding shootout with Oahu hawaii photographer

This collaboration had us enjoying an intense little hike called Crouching Lion.

Hiking Crouching Lion had us scaling mountain sides, climbing over trees, using tree roots to get up the particularly steep spots, and slipping and sliding in the mud. But after all that, we arrived at a perfect little outlook with stunning views of Kahana Bay and the surrounding mountains.

portrait of a bride model at styled wedding photo shoot workshop with Oahu hawaii photographer

After the hilarious process of changing in the wide open, at the top of a mountain with other hikers coming and going, we began to shoot. I was using a Nikon D7200 at the time and was focusing most of my time on this shoot figuring out how to pose.

learn portrait photography with Oahu hawaii model styled session behind the scenes
The Wind Takes the Bride

The beauty of collaboration is what you gain from your fellow photographers.

  • Things you would never think to say or show your models
  • Ways to work with others you would never consider
  • Viewpoints you wouldn’t have thought to set up
  • Seeing from others perspectives
  • Network and marketing doors that will open to you
portrait of a wild and free bride in Oahu hawaii with photographer workshop and photo shoot
Bride on the Edge

We all bounced ideas off each other and put poor Vanessa in lots of odd and uncomfortable positions. Learning posing, camera settings, how different camera models, and lenses work were all perks of me showing up that day.

But of course the images are what I was really after.

portrait of a bride on mountain with Oahu hawaii photographer and mentor

At the time I was only interested in getting pretty shots of Vanessa in her dress and the views from the top. I have much different views of photography now and kick myself to look back at my earlier work and wonder why I didn’t take more in-between shots. The set up, the getting there, the laughing and joking of the other girls.

I would love pictures of everyone all muddy after sliding our way down the mountain.

behind the scenes shot of photographer at photography workshop Oahu hawaii
The only Behind the Scenes shot I could find after digging through my archives

Looking back now I think the behind the scenes shot is my favorite. But of course that is my own nostalgia from the shoot. I learned so much this day. Like how gorgeous a bride on a mountain is, and how important and fun a collaboration with other photographers can be.

portrait of bride from styled session in Oahu hawaii with photographer

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