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A lonely wretched world, she did live in.

The Chessboard

She longed to be free.

The Queen Makes Up Her Mind

To ascend above what they had made of her.


The walls she had built were strong. But were they not meant for them alone?

On Guard

The journey inside opened her eyes.


And from here she could see it clearly.

She had been free all along.

Only you can make yourself happy in this harsh world we live in.

This is The Greatest thing I have ever come to realize. Though the hardest to implement.

How long I held myself back out of fear of judgement. Felt I was chained because of circumstances. It is a painful thing to feel pity for yourself. It makes you cast blame on everyone and everything around you.

But be careful with your complaints. For they are only a reflection of you and your capabilities. And you are capable. Of anything you wish.

The only one who can change it is you.

The cold hard truth is no one will ever care about your dreams and desires like you. There will always be a reason to quit or someone telling you it is not possible.

Don’t let them set your path. Forge your own. Fight for what you want and make sure the first person you look at for support and strength. Is Yourself.

Build your walls if you must. But don’t get trapped in them. Rise with them. And there you will find your Tower.

The Photo Shoot

Behind The Scenes

This series of photos was pulled from a much larger bunch I got from an amazing shoot out in downtown Waikiki.

This wasn’t a planned story or set up but actually made from random photos of the day. The story jumped out at me as I was editing and these thoughts have already been heavy on my mind lately.

The shoot was 3 models dressed up in gowns, walking the streets of Downtown Waikiki.

It is an odd arrangement of business, slum, and architecture here.

I was in a group with 2 other photographers I had never met before and really enjoyed being able to see from their perspective. We were all very different and I thought that played out quite well for us.

When one of us spotted the tower we were all very excited. We knew it would be the highlight of the shoot-out. And for me it very much was.

I hope you enjoyed my little story. Let me know what you thought of it and how it made you feel.

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