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Photo Shoot Stories | Episode 2 | Tiny House Artist Studio | My First Instagram Connection

Tiny House Art Studio
I had finally joined the immense community of Instagrammers.

After rolling my eyes about it for years, I heard something that thankfully, piqued my interest and got me curious enough to try it. Like-Minded Community.

The first hashtag I used on Instagram was #oahumodel .

A quick scroll through and I stopped on an image of a lovely woman with large, long dreads running down her back. She seemed strong, strange, soft and feminine, all at a glance. I wanted to know more about her. I needed her portrait.

I did a little stalking through her feed and found out she was quite the artist, and she happened to live in a Tiny Home / Studio. After a brief hesitation, I decided since I was on here for community, than I had better get out of my shell and reach out.

She responded after a short time and was thankfully, and surprisingly, extremely open and willing to meet. Caleigh ended up being about the best person I could’ve thrown my awkward introverted self at.

Lovely Soul Right at Home

She didn’t mind one bit that I was quite clueless about why I was there and what I had planned to do. Only that I had big dreams, lots of questions, and really wanted to capture her in her space.

She was so at ease in her little space.

We talked of her art and how she is ever inspired. Her time spent as a barista down the road that was more than a job. But a hub for inspiration and community. As she talked she wandered through her little space and I snapped away.

I loved hearing her stories of her past and how it related to her present. Thinking of it now, I wish dearly I had been a little farther along in my Photographer Journey. At the time I wasn’t able to take in all I had before me.

To capture her art, her sock monsters, her amazing skills with a hoop, and the absolutely amazing little outdoor shower in her tiny home. Yes, her place has an outdoor restroom. Toilet and all.

Flowers and bees, bamboo walls, light rays and fresh air, all for your shitting pleasure.

Or what I would rather capture. Showers and Rainfall. Maybe one day our paths will cross again. At an art show, or for a long hike along a mountain ridge.

If you want to see more of this lovely bird, you can see her work and fun lifestyle at her website Caleigh Bird Art.

Thankful for Instagram and my first connection with this beautiful soul. And Another day I fell in love with the world, through Photography.

If you want to collaborate with me don’t hesitate to reach out!

Stay Connected + Start Living Your Daydream

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