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Mommy + Me Mini Adventure | Pokai Bay

Like most mamas these days, Brittany had a million photos of her little ones. Quite a few even featured dad, but she had almost none of her and her boys. Spending days at the ocean park by her house with her little ones was a favorite past time, and one I loved being able to capture for her.

Brittany is the kind of free spirited mama that I connect with easily. She didn’t want any prep before the photo shoot and instead opted to have a more Day In The Life type session that I adore. We decided the beach park by her home would make for lovely memories to cherish.

Aloha! I am an Oahu Based Photographer who captures the authentic stories of Island life across the Hawaiian Islands. Whether you are Kama’aina (local) or vacationing these gorgeous islands I know you have a wonderful story just waiting to be captured.

So I met Brittany + The Boys at the park and we chatted while the boys got comfortable and let out some energy at the playground. After introducing them to the camera, and showing them a few pictures of how cool they looked while they were running fast and showing off for the camera, we decided to head out on a walk.

Mommy and me mini adventure family photography session oahu hawaii

They quickly found a beautiful lookout and walked out to look at the crabs climbing the rocks and gaze at the lovely mountain views.

The boys were full of life and energy and loved exploring everything around them. They climbed the rocks, played in the sand, and even found a fun tree to hang around in.

children climbing and playing documentary photography
brothers portrait photography family love black and white
Brotherly love

Capturing the character and special moments that make up days that will too soon be forgotten, is my favorite part of family photo sessions. Like how Britts Boys were so wild and free, yet so sweet and giving. And how simple little traits and characteristics were so similar. I loved seeing this come to life in the photo of Britt and Stryker both holding back their hair from the wind.

documentary family photography mother and son characteristics

Doing something you love and that comes natural to your children and family is so important in a photo shoot. I think it means more to have images of real memories and times spent together than having everyone matching and smiling prettily for the camera. While those are nice images to have they don’t evoke any emotions. They certainly don’t tell the story of you, your children, or your family.

It’s these simple tender moments that are so fleeting and so sweet to capture. Mamas you will always want to remember how your children held onto your legs, kissed you freely, and giggled so often with you.

I hope one day Brittany can look back on this image of her son helping her down from the rocks and see how even when he was such a small boy, he was learning to be a great man.

motherhood and family black and white portrait of a family

For as a Mother, it is the Journeys we take with our children that end up being the most important and treasured times of our lives.

Mommy and me mini adventure family photography session oahu hawaii
portrait of a mother women empowerment photographer

After hanging out on land for too long Britt + The Boys were ready to go play in the water.

mom and sons documentary family photography ocean photoshoot hawaii
family adventure photographer ocean photo session oahu

The boys got a special treat when a nearby free diver brought over his marine life finds for them to check out.

Mommy and me mini adventure family photography session oahu hawaii

You never what you will find when you take your family on an adventure. That is the beauty in family advenuture photography sessions. Each one is unique, each one tells a story, and the memories you get to keep are more than pretty pictures. They are of you and your children taking in this world together and experiencing life in a beautiful bonding way.

Mommy and me mini adventure family photography session oahu hawaii

Thank you Brittany, Stryker, and Klaus for letting me join you on your adventures. I hope this special time you spent here in Hawaii will be remembered and treasured forever!

adventure family photography motherhood and child photographer
Maternal Embrace

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