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Hanauma Bay Ridge Hike | Oahu Hawaii

Hanauma Bay Ridge hike is a beautiful little trail that takes you along the edge of Koko Head Rim. You get sweeping views of the ocean, Hawaii Kai, and the beautiful reef in Hanauma Bay.

hanauma bay ridge hike landscape view

What To know

  • Moderate Hike With No Shade
  • Mostly Paved with Different Trails
  • Decent Hills for A Good Workout
  • Dog Friendly

There are a few different ways to find the entrance to the trail. You can park at Hanauma Bay and walk back up to the road to the paved trail by the guard shack. Or you can take the shorter easier way by parking on Nawiliwili St and taking the trail from the main road.

The trail from the road is short and you find yourself at the paved hike quickly. The views start right away and you find lots of little lookouts for pictures right of the main road.

girl walking on hanauma bay ridge hike

When you get to the top of the incline you can veer off the road and take the path down the side of the mountain. This is the way we went both there and back.

hanauma bay ridge hike trail guide with pictures

While going down is only slightly intimidating there is a good incline at one point. But once you get past that it is smooth sailing to the end of the trail.

hanauma bay ridge hike photography

I’d suggest doing the Hanauma Bay ridge hike early enough to catch the sunrise. It comes from the water magnificently and you beat the heat. Another great hike for sunset is Makapu’u Lighthouse.

sunrise from hanauma bay ridge hike
It won’t take long until you get to the end and can see views of the all Hanauma Bay, Hawaii Kai, and Koko Head.
happy girls from awesome hike oahu hawaii

From the end here you can keep walking even though it seems like it would be a drop off. Just face the open ocean and keep going. There is more beauty to behold.

views of koko head from hanauma bay ridge hike

Once you climb down the crazy rock formations you will find tide pools and a rock bridge. This spot is beautiful but I Do Not advise you to go on it. The water in Hawaii is very fickle and even if the water seems calm, Rogue Waves often come out of no where and will sweep you into the ocean.

If you do go near the ocean cliffs or attempt these insta famous shots make sure you know basic sea survival skills. This is quick read about How To Survive Being Swept Into The Ocean

The area is beautiful though and provides plenty of picturesque scenery to enjoy.

hanauma bay ridge hike photo
Girls taking photos hanauma bay ridge hike oahu hawaii

Once you start going back to the top you will find the hike a little more difficult. There are little steps built into the mountain though to help you up and back to the top to the trail.

But the terrain is wild here and you will find yourself on a multitude of different rock facings on the way.

guys climbing up rock face oahu  hanuama bay ridge hike
hanauma bay ridge hike steep incline

If you didn’t go down to the rock bridge you will still find the way back has a lot of incline to get back up to the paved road. But there plenty of ups and downs, and the hike is short. Besides the scenery of Hanauma Bay will have you forgetting how out of breath you are.

beautiful views and scenery of hanauma bay and koko head from ridge hike

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