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I had been following Kellys journey for a while. She was going through a tough one, but one we all face at some point or another. Only she wasn’t just staring at the path and saying one day. She was Facing her Fears and putting herself to the test, daily.

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I was amazed to learn that taking portraits was a fear for her. To see her portfolio you would think she was born to be in front of a camera. But this was apart of her path. Vulnerability. And finding the strength and beauty that lives in her.

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This is also my path. One I feel many of us are on.

Finding the courage to step out of our comfort zones and push through insecurities is something we all struggle with. It is often the judgement of our fellow peers that weighs us down. Or the deeper feelings of disappointments when we fail to achieve the results we want.

So we hold back.

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moody portrait of woman fashion photography
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And we become lost. Trapped in our own minds. Always searching for something or someone to make us feel better. Show us the way. Give us a purpose.

But it is only ourselves who can bring about the changes we seek.

But we are stronger than we know. Inside of us is everything we need. And once that spark within is found, that small piece of ourselves we yearn for. We can Use it. Live in it. And Become stronger in it.

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That is the Journey Kelly is on. That I feel so many of us are on.

We find ourselves stuck. Reliving the same intolerable mistakes over and over again. Trapped in our fears. Spoon feeding ourselves with comfort and never reaching for our true desires.

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Until one day we make a choice.

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A simple change. Or maybe a large leap into the unknown.

beauty moody portrait of woman in harsh lighting

But either way we feel it. Deep inside we feel a shift and know. This is what is inside of us.

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Once we get a taste of the beauty, the strength we possess, it is imperative we hold on to it. Dig deeper and go further.

For this is where we find our inner strength + willpower. It is not something we just possess. It is something we create. By doing the things we know we must. This is how we drag ourselves out of the muck.

Here is where we gain confidence. By repeatedly trying over and over. By doing the actions it takes to succeed in our desires. No matter the amount of failures, or the judgements cast on us.

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We look ahead and find what scares us.

beauty moody portrait of woman in harsh lighting

And Face it head on.

For once we are in the moment we usually find all our fear, dread, and dismay will fall away. And a calmness will seep in. Leaving confidence, and a yearning to try again. To reach further.

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In the words of Kelly

I could never stand on the beach in swimwear with confidence and project this image of a strong woman comfortable in her own skin and at peace with her own beauty and femininity. I don’t have the beauty story that some women have, I fought to be here. And I learned about myself. About humans, about compassion, about life, and along the way lost 100 lbs. The term body positivity confuses me at times. I felt shameful for wanting to grow and change. But today I believe body positivity means you don’t let your hesitation hold you back. My body is not where I would like it to be yet. I was scared to be out there but I showed up. I was vulnerable. So this is for you, for all you beautiful women. If it feels scary, it’s for you. That’s how we grow.

Kelly Deacon @FollowFearFindBeauty
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