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Living on the North Shore makes for great family adventures. This day we went on the hunt for the #plasticfreewave, and found horses, art, and delicious smoothies n’ fruit bowls.

My mom had been dying to see the plastic free wave for a while. The day we tried to find it at Bonzai Pipeline all we found were surfers, and tournaments. Which was cool, but we were now on the hunt.

After a little searching, we found our next day trip with the kids taking us to Turtle Bay Resort.

But along the way…

horses north shore oahu hawaii family adventures travel with kids

We found horses!

What do you do when you see horses waiting for lovin’ on the side of the road? You freaking pull your car over and give them horses some lovin’!!

I was a little bit of a nervous wreck. Once when I was a kid, I heard that horses can tell if your anxious or scared, and will mess with you for it… I wish I would have never heard that one!!! Guess what it made me…

But, the kids were all estatic to say Hi. And those babes can get momma to do just about anything. So pet horses we did. Even Faye Baby got in on the action.

mama holding baby petting horse ranch north shore Oahu hawaii travel family explore with kids

Once we hit the road again, we went exploring at Turtle Bay Resort. And there we found it.

kids on the plastic free pipeline, travel family, oahu hawaii kid-friendly activities

The plastic free wave.

Of course, the kids liked it as much as their suckers, which is a lot!

I absolutely love how Ethan Estess was able to bring such a devastating situation to light in such a beautiful way. Change is so needed when it comes to the ocean. Not to mention our plastic waste in general. The plastic free wave will continue to travel the islands to raise awareness and inspire people to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle plastic.

If you want to get involved when you are on island, 808 Cleanups is an amazing organization that inspires and empowers volunteers to take action, and care for the environment.

Plastic Free Pipeline artwork by Ethan Estess Oahu Hawaii travel, inspiration
Plastic Free Pipeline artwork by Ethan Estess

Hanging at the wave for a bit and getting some pics was fun. Then we explored Turtle Bay Resort. The walk around the grounds was pretty nice. I hadn’t seen this view of Kawela Bay and it was gorgeous.

Artwork @ Entrance to the Kinetic Spa in Turtle Bay Resort

After riding the wave we were all hungry so we were off to find pineapple smoothies. At first, we had it in mind to go to Kahuku Farm. But after seeing this treasure trove of colorful buildings, and fruit stands along the way, we decided this was the stop for us.

adventure family travel with kids north shore pineapple smoothie oahu bobs tropical fruit hut serving ice cold coconut
Oahu Bobs Tropical Fruit Hut

There was a fruit hut that offered cold coconut, smoothies, and fruit bowls, but my mom had her sights set on the bright colored building ahead.

To the Rainbow House Shave Ice we go

This Rainbow House Shave Ice had an impressive array of options from shave ice, ice cream, fruit bowls and smoothies.

The woman at the counter walked away with a pineapple with the top chopped off that was full of mango pineapple smoothie. It also was topped with skewers of pineapple and cherries. I knew I wanted something like that!

We ordered our Pineapple fruit bowl and all 4 of us were able to share it! Bananas, strawberries and chocolate topped ice cream sitting on top of fresh topped pineapple in the fruit. If only I would have had our eco friendly travel set of bamboo utensils on me. It would’ve been a completely waste free meal!

The fruit bowl was amazing and we were all happy and ready to check out the cute little north shore shops around us.

If you are looking for Unique Food in the North Shore you might also like my post about The Red Barn Farmstand.

north shore area, Rainbow House Shave Ice, oahu hawaii family activities, organic food smoothies and fruit bowls
Eating and Pick up area at the Rainbow House Shave Ice

I had my eye on all the wood carvings outside of the Ohana Island Creations.

wood carvings, sight seeing with family Oahu hawaii, north shore with kids, travel adventure
Off to see the wood statues @ Ohana Island Creations

These wood carvings were carved straight from the tree and were quite impressive! Right outside of the quaint little building they were a true showcase of the artists work.

Before heading inside we snuck a peak at the artist workshop. You can tell he leaves little room for distraction, and his heart is in the wood.

Wood in the Works, Artist Workspace

As we headed back to the car we passed along Full Fathom Five Hawaii Art Gallery. There is no photo taking inside to protect the artist creative concepts but it was full of unique beads, sea glass, wood work, and artwork.

Oahu Hawaii North Shore Art Gallery and family activities, unique destinations, hidden gems
Entrance to Full Fathom Five Hawaii Art Gallery

I was hesitant about taking the kids in some of these stores as they were a little wound up from the chocolate and fruit. The stores were packed with unique finds though, so my mom and I took turns going in to sight see. The kids didn’t mind as the outside was just as bright and fun. Plus there were chickens, and other fun animals to keep them entertained.

Oahu Hawaii North Shore Art Gallery and family unique destinations, hidden gems
The colorful stairs at Full Fathom Five Hawaii were amazing

After a great morning of exploring with the family in some different areas of the North Shore, the kids were nice and worn out. Now it was back home for one of my favorite parts of toddler life. Nap Time.

only show in town north shore oahu hawaii antiques and unique finds
Only Show in Town Antique Store and Unique Finds

Have you seen the plastic free wave around the islands? If so where was it for you?

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