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Celebrate Motherhood | Cherish Your Unique Story as Mama

The experience of Motherhood is messy yet glorious, all consuming, and terrifyingly beautiful. And yes, the life-giving role of Mother is a tough one. But this is a Journey that powerfully transforms every womans life and it deserves to be celebrated.

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Motherhood does funny things to a woman. It fills us with an intense joy like we have never known and at the same time opens doors of fear and pain that can seem unbearable. We live daily in the trenches of snotty noses, tantrums, and the unrelenting duty to cultivate the small minds we love so much.

The beauty of Motherhood can seem to get lost in it all. Lost in the fears and frustrations of failure. Lost in the tears and constant needs of our children. Lost to the sleepless nights and non-stop days.

Sometimes we just need to step outside of the way we see our role and get a glimpse of the bigger picture.

emotional motherhood portrait photograpy

Motherhood is beautiful in all its parts. It may not seem that way as you are holding your crying child. But have you ever seen an image of you embracing your little one and soothing their fears or troubles? It can be a powerful thing. One that you will stay with you and can change the way you react in the situations that call for a your embrace.

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What about you and your child laughing and bonding in a moment you know they will talk about their entire lives?

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Do you even have many images of you with your children?

I find this phenomenon the saddest thing. Moms who have thousands of pictures of their children and 2 of them with their children. The magic about family pictures is what happens when you view them later in life. The bond deepens and a bigger understanding forms. It is imperative for Mothers to be in images with their children. This asserts the value and importance you placed on being with them.

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I Want Nothing More Than To Show Each Mama How Beautiful Her Motherhood Journey Is

Honor your motherhood and your love for your children by capturing the real story of your journey and their childhood. The tantrums and tears, and the smiles and hugs that come after. Document it all.

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Stop putting off getting pictures done until you lose weight, or color your hair. Don’t hold back from being seen no matter your circumstances. Your children will need to see your strength and the struggles you overcame one day. And so will you.

Because having these special images readily available to view will keep your mind in a healthy and happy place. When home life is hectic and full of trauma seeing images of the “hard” (because most days with kids are hard) but beautiful days long gone will give you the fortitude to overcome your current obstacles.

celebrate motherhood mommy and me photography

So do yourself and your family a favor and celebrate this time in your life as Mom. Jump in every picture and take all the selfies with your kids! Or do one even better and find a photographer you trust with your story. Someone who can show you what the the precious gift of Motherhood looks like on you.

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