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Building Your Brand Presence as A Creative Woman Entrepreneur

If you are a creative woman entrepreneur you have probably heard about the importance of building a personal brand. And whether you know it or not, you are probably already creating one.

In this day and age of social media we are all building a reputation. With every new image we post and every comment we make, we are becoming our own personal Brand. For women who are aspiring to run their own businesses this can be extremely helpful.

How can your lifestyle reflect your brand?

When we go on social media we want to know what is happening in the lives of the people we know, or want to know. Nobody cares what companies are doing. We care what the people in those companies are doing. Especially when we get a sneak peak into their daily lives.

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By showing bits of real life along with behind-the-scenes business practices, we allow people to get a better understanding of our values and the passion that drives us. This is the start of building trust within our network and client base. And for women especially, this is an extremely important factor.

But Where Do You Start?

Use your own authentic story to build a strong and inviting personal brand. First you want to find the storyline of your business. Start with thinking about, or better yet, listing out your

  • passion
  • skills
  • goals
  • values

After you have a nice list of words grouped together in these categories you can go through and circle or highlight the ones that speak to you the most. You should start to see some that correlate. From here you will have a nice selection of keywords that define you and your brand.

Now you can sum up your passion and how it connects with your business in a one or two line sentence. Congratulations, you now have your key message. Variations of your key message should proudly be displayed across your social media channels.

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So How Do You Use This To Harness The Power Of Social Media

Well all you have to do now is just plug in… YOU!! Always stay true to yourself. Do Not try and please everyone. You don’t like everyone and you don’t need to bother with thinking about the people who don’t fit into your scheme of happiness. The people that will matter to your business will magnetize to your brand the more authentic you are.

personal brand photography for creative woman entrepreneur and painter

Nowadays it is showing your compassion in what you care about that will attract your target audience. Especially when working with women. We can smell a fake from a mile away. Remember your not selling. Your providing a service. You are so full of passion in one area of your life that you are relentlessly giving your all to pursue it. This means something. And whether you realize it or not, you have unique skills in this area that other people need in their lives.

So how do you get sales if your not actively selling??

This is where having a strong online presence is crucial. By creating content that reflects your unique qualities, talents and values, your audience will get a better understanding of your areas of expertise and what it would be like to work with you.

personal brand photography for women creatives and artist

and if you haven’t noticed yet…

It’s All About Authentic and Highly Personalized Imagery

By capturing your genuine personality with high quality images you will stand out from the crowd and leave a memorable impression. The key here is TO STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF! This I have found is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from other professionals in your field.

For Example. You will find plenty of creatives on Instagram. Most of their feeds are full of the stunning images they take (photographers), or of the awe-inspiring painting they create (painters), or even the beautifully thought out words they string together (writers). But you will hardly be able to find an image of them as your scrolling. And think about it…

Once you have connected with someones art what is the first thing you do?

Try to find them? See what they look like? What they are all about… how did they do this and what inspired the amazing piece you instantly fell in love with? If you cannot find this person easily do you stay attracted to the art? Probably not. Chances are much higher that you move on. But let’s say you did find the artist…

What do you think you would gravitate towards more?

  • Cell Phone Selfies
  • High Quality portrait images of a nicely dressed smiling woman (or man)
  • OR beautiful images of the artist in the midst of painting one of their masterpieces, a writer writing their book out of their van they travel the world in for inspiration, or a fellow creative woman entrepreneur showing her children how to excel in the same craft she is so passionate about.

I am pretty sure I know which scenario you would want your brand associated with. In fact, the more of these lifestyle images that relate to the art you had already connected to the more you want it. Now it’s more than “Oh I love that piece”. Now a relationship has formed. Sadly, even in the highly visual world we live in, most people tend to stick with 1 or 2. And I get it… I really really get it.

You’re a creative, you want to be creating. Now you’re spending your time learning about marketing and networking and ridiculous terms like SEO and CTA. All of this is already incredibly time consuming and now you have to worry about creating visually engaging content for your brand. Let me tell you of little lifesaver that took me Way Too Long to Implement.

It’s called Outsourcing and Collaboration and it can play a huge part in the success of your career.

By finding and working with other talented creatives who align with your beliefs, values and goals you will quickly shatter the limits you feel are placed on your business.

Check out my first collaboration Here!

“The ability to work together toward a common vision is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

– Andrew Carnegie

I have known for a long time that the more you invest in yourself the higher the return. That is why I dropped every single penny I could afford into my first professional camera. The first few years of my photography career every dollar I made went back into my business. Courses (so many courses), travel, workshops, and finally getting to the point where my quality of work ran in line with getting the best-of-the-best camera gear (greatest feeling ever btw).

Now I am able to help other women achieve success and growth in their businesses by getting them in line with that 3rd case scenario for their own online presence. Seeing the way personal brand photography transforms these womens careers and lives is an intensely gratifying feeling. One I whole heartedly live my life for.

Want to know more about working with me to get your own highly personalized brand photography? Reach out to me anytime. I love helping other creative women entrepreneurs obtain their goals and achieve those wondrous moments of victory.

Now get yourself together. Take a deep breathe. And pull out the brand that already exist inside you and let it fuel your career Today!

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