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Best Naval Air Museum Tour | Oahu Hawaii

The Naval Air Museum at Barbers Point is hands down one of the best little tours we have taken in Oahu Hawaii. Full of hands on experiences and interesting history, this museum is a great place to take the family!

Since the museum is set on an active runway so you have to schedule a tour to enter. We found that out when we arrived but it was easy to schedule and we got in not long after.

The tour starts off in a fun vintage military jeep with a quick drive around the hangars. Here you learn about where old photographs were taken and you have the opportunity to take photos to match the Historical Images from the Museum’s Collection.

jeep tour of museum with family Oahu Hawaii

Once you reach the tarmac area where the vintage planes are kept the real fun starts.

You get to climb into the aircraft and have a fully immersive experience. No signs saying do not touch, the tour guide Brad was full of history and didn’t mind one bit the kids were jumping on everything and pushing all the buttons!

When another group came for a tour Brad left us to our own devices for a bit and we got to explore all the aircraft by ourselves for a bit and really take our time. It was amazing being able to freely walk the tarmac and explore the interior of the aircraft.

The Naval Air Museum Barbers Point collection includes the following aircraft:

Beechcraft AQM-137A Jayhawk
Beechcraft SNB-5/UC-45J, BuNo 44607
Bell UH-1 Iroquois, Serial No. 69-15708
Douglas A-4E Skyhawk, BuNo 150023
Douglas A-4E Skyhawk, BuNo 151030
Douglas A-4E Skyhawk, BuNo 152061
Douglas DC-8-62CF, Constr. No. 45922, Line No. 335
Lockheed UP-3A Orion, BuNo 152169
Lockheed P-3C Orion, BuNo 160770
McDonnell F-4N Phantom II
Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion, BuNo 156964
Sikorsky UH-3H Sea King, BuNo 148043
Sikorsky UH-3H Sea King, BuNo 152701
Sikorsky SH-60B Seahawk, BuNo 162102
M60A3 Patton Main Battle Tank
M901 Improved TOW Vehicle
M113 Armored Personnel Carrier
M110 Self-Propelled 8-Inch Howitzer
M578 Light Recovery Vehicle
M998, M1025, and M1037 HMMWV
M35 2½-Ton Truck
M816 Wrecker
M926 and M926A1 5-Ton Trucks
M931 Tractor
Fire Trucks

hands on experience best family tour Oahu Hawaii military air museum with kids

It was a perfect spot to let the kids get out some energy and mom to explore with her camera while the men talked about military history and aircraft.

Being a military family there were a few heartfelt moments and a wonderful connection to the past.

One of my favorite parts was letting the kids explore the trucks. They loved climbing in and out of them and pretending to drive.
naval air museum oahu hawaii family field trip
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unschooling kids oahu hawaii

If you are interested in visiting you may find the following info helpful

Please call (808) 682-3982 to schedule

Tue-Fri 0800-1530
Sat-Sun 1000-1530
Closed to tours on Monday

If you are on Oahu, I highly recommend visiting the naval air museum with your family. It is away from tourist and an awesome experience for all ages.

kids playing and having fun at the naval air museum tour Oahu Hawaii

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