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A Day In The Life Sessions

Capturing your story is what I am passionate about. During A Day In The Life Session I use a documentary style approach to capture the little untold moments of your life. For it’s the tender, natural, and quirky interactions that make your story unique. 

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My passion is fueled by the raw beauty I see in the everyday. And my desire is to turn these genuine + authentic moments into fine art portraits that will leave you bursting with emotion. I find it so sad that more families do not want to capture the candid, raw moments of their life at the moment. Children grow so fast and life moves quickly. 

While having a few classic poses is nice, those are not the moments you sit around and tell stories of.

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So if you want to treasure the intimate, and often overlooked, beauty of these every day moments before they are long gone. Then reach out now to inquire about booking A Day In the Life session.

Starting at $800
Mini Session $600/hr

Your Storytelling Photographer

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Aloha! I am an Oahu Based Photographer who captures the authentic stories of Island life across the Hawaiian Islands. Whether you are Kama’aina or vacationing these gorgeous islands I know you have a wonderful story just waiting to be captured. 

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What Is A Day In The Life Session?

A Day In The Life session can be an In-Home session or at a location that is often frequented and/or important to your family. These sessions celebrate the authentic moments that naturally occur in your life. This can be your childrens bedtime routine (reading books + snuggles, and one more cup of water) or making meals as a family. It can also be a favorite family date (getting ice cream up the road or flying kites at the park).

Who Typically Books These Kind Of Sessions?

A Day In The Life sessions are great for couples who want to snuggle in bed, or play some music and dance in their underwear in the front room. New parents benefit greatly from these sessions by being able to capture the magic of the first few weeks at home with their newborns and be in a comfortable setting. Basically, these sessions are for anyone who cherishes the real moments of their life and wants to preserve the details that matter the most to them.

What Will I Wear + What If My House Is a Mess?

Who cares!! Your house is not as bad as you think. I promise. I am a mother of 3 and I understand how family homes are run. I do not expect, nor want, you to stress about having “everything in order”. I am a pro at shooting in any environment and a zoo of a house is my typical environment! Wear what you feel comfortable in or ask me for advice! I am here to help and I guarantee you will love the outcome, even if you are in just an old white shirt!

Do You Travel For Sessions?

You bet I Do! I have a passion for travel photography and being in meaningful locations no matter the occasion. Travel fees are not included in my packages but I offer special pricing when I have 2 or more sessions booked in the same location. So get a friend in on this or add an adventure or styled beauty session (Hint: styled sessions are a perfect addition to make any mama feel and remember her best about motherhood!!

Want More Session Details?

Click here to dive into the knitty gritty and see what all goes into a session.

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